by Tom Longland

The Dunnville Aeros look to Take a Stand Against Local Hunger

Aeros Battle Hunger was born out of a realization of the pervasive issue of hunger affecting families and individuals in Dunnville. The initiative is founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to nutritious meals to perform at their highest level.

Recognizing the immediate need, the Dunnville Aeros commit to using our resources and influence to help make a meaningful impact in our community.

The Dunnville Aeros will organize charity events, food drives, and fundraisers to raise awareness about local hunger but also to generate funds that directly support local food banks and school meal programs.

By enriching the lives of community members of all ages, Aeros Battle Hunger aims to create a support system that ensures access to nutritious meals and the opportunity to thrive. With each stride taken and each dollar raised, the Aeros look to bring the community one step closer to a hunger-free tomorrow.

On November 11th the Aeros will have their first fundraiser event including 50/50 and jerseys auction of their remembrance day edition sweaters. All proceeds will benefit the breakfast programs at the local Dunnville schools in partnership with the Clinical Nutrition Network of Haldimand Norfolk REACH.